Professional presence

Give your business or passion a face on the web. An own domain creates an impression of professionalism and credibility.

Unique identity

With your personal domain, you will be easily remembered. Create email addresses that reflect your identity and make a lasting impression.

Future insurance

Protect your brand by owning your domain. Prevent confusion and misuse and create a strong presence for the future.

Domains including DNS from Trinxy

Leave the management of your domains to us and we will take care of registrations, renewals and administration. If you need any pointing in the DNS, we will solve it for you.

Register over 1000 TLDs

Register over 1000 different top-level domains including help with establishment in countries that require a local presence.

DNS included

For the domain to work, a DNS is needed that tells the world what settings the domain has. Standard DNS with support for DNSSEC and up to 50 records is included for all domains registered or transferred to us.

Automatic renewal

All domains are renewed automatically so you don't miss a domain.

Domain management

Collect all your domains on one annual invoice instead of paying them one by one at the time they are renewed.

Quantity discount

If you have more than 50 domains, we can give you a volume discount on registration and renewal. The discount varies depending on which top-level domains you have.

Change of ownership

If you need help with a transfer or a change of ownership, we can assist you in the process.

Price list

This is a selection of the most popular top domains, contact us for prices for domains not included in the price list. When a domain is registered, one year is included, then the domains are renewed one year at a time, this is the price stated under "Renewal".

.se209 kr209 kr
.nu209 kr209 kr
.com209 kr209 kr
.eu179 kr179 kr
.online489 kr489 kr
.info389 kr389 kr

All prices excl. VAT

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