Included in our email service

Storage in EU

All data is stored in the EU and never leaves outside it borders.


The service can be accessed via the IMAP and POP3 protocols, which means you can use most email programs, including those on your mobile phone. Of course, there is also a webmail.

Spam filter

All emails are scanned in our spam filter, which trains itself to detect new messages classified as spam.


All incoming mail is scanned for viruses to protect you.


Our webmail

Any number of accounts

We have no limit on how many or how few email accounts can be created.

Ikon tekniska förutsättningar

Variable space

Each account can have its own qouta - maximum limit on how much space can be used.

Price list

E-mail account including 1 GB storage3 kr/month
+1 GB extra storage2 kr/month

All prices excl. VAT

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