Transaction email

Some of the benefits of transactional email

Delivery security

Email services are designed to handle and deliver email reliably. Using an established email service reduces the risk of messages ending up in spam folders and increases the chance of them reaching users' inboxes.

Tracking and Analysis

Email services often provide tools to track and analyze the performance of sent emails. This includes information on open rate, click-through rate and other user data, which can be valuable in evaluating the effectiveness of transactional messages.


Email services implement security measures to protect the emails and user data.

Simple integration

Many email services offer easy integration with different platforms and systems. It makes it easy to connect the transaction email system with other parts of the business. For WordPress there are e.g. ready plugin to use.

Time and cost efficiency

Using a dedicated email service can be more cost effective than trying to manage and maintain your own email infrastructure. In addition, we take care of the set-up for you. It also saves time and resources to focus on other aspects of the business.


Email services are designed to handle high volumes of emails and can scale up to handle business needs whether it's a few hundred or millions of transactional emails.

Transaction email from Trinxy

Regardless of whether you are sending out order confirmations, password resets or cooking recipes, a transactional email service increases the chances of getting the email delivered and not being stopped as spam. These services live by delivering email and have an interest in maintaining a good reputation in the spam filters.

Included in our transaction email service

We handle the settings

We set up and take care of the settings for you so that you don't have to think about tennis.

No daily limit

No limit on how much email you can send per day, but your package applies per month.

Statistik Ikon Statistics for your mailings

Statistics on how your e-mails are delivered, opened or clicked on.

Dynamic templates

We can set up dynamic templates where personal information can be inserted into each email, e.g. order number when sending a receipt. These templates do not have to be used, but if you have a webshop, the templates from it can be used.

Track a message

It is easy to track whether a message has been delivered or not.

Own login

If you want your own login to access the information on your account, it can be solved.

Price list

The packages are valid for how many emails can be sent during a month. If you are unsure of how many emails you send per month, we can start and see which package is suitable after one month.

Number of transaction emailsPrice
1500 st75 kr/month
3000 st100 kr/month
5000 st150 kr/month
10000 st280 kr/month
15000 st380 kr/month
Over 15000 stContact us

All prices excl. VAT

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